Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sunday Crowd

Sorry for not updating more frequently, I've recently moved and so I went without internet for several weeks, which makes for a crabby me.

Anyway, I freaking hate the Sunday customers most of the time. And unfortunately, most of the times that means the church crowd. Now, I have nothing against religion, everyone has to believe in something to get them through the day, but I don't like are the self-righteous a-holes who come into a restaurant after church and act all uppity and holy because they just got out of church and I've been working.

I actually had some lady (and I'm using the term loosely) tell me that I was a heathen for working on the Sabbath once. I wanted to say "Oh really, because I thought the Sabbath was on Saturday, but hey, if you think it's Sunday. whatever lady."

But crap like that pisses me off. I wouldn't have to work on Sundays if people like her stopped going out to restaurants after or before church. Oh, and that's also the same reason why none of us at my job get to spend any whole holiday with our families. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's day are all mandatory work days. Then the worst part is half the time the tips are utter crap on those days.

Really people? You're going to ensure that we have to work when we want to spend time with out families and then you don't even properly compensate us??? Mother's Day is the worst, in my opinion, because most of the girls who work there, in fact, I think everyone but me, is a mother, and instead of having the day off to relax and be pampered, they have to come in to their job and get treated like a servant. But hey, that's okay,people make it blatantly obvious that we're not actual human beings to them anyway.

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