Thursday, January 27, 2011

The staff

Upon occasion I'm going to refer to people I work with, so here's a list of the people.

The Menopausal Twit (M.T.): Manager that pisses me off almost constantly and sighs in an over exaggerated manner every time someone asks to see/talk to a manager. Treat everyone no matter their age like her errant children who all need a kid ass kicking o straighten them up.

Sister Mary Katherine (Sister): The incredibly religious, awesomely funny half a foot tall woman who has some of the biggest lady balls I've ever seen.

Savage: One of my favorite people. She grabs my butt and my boobs every time we work together and comments loudly on the fact that there's "No padding, seriously that's all boob!!" Recently she, Evita, Bananarama an Grams got written up for sexually harassing each other because M.T. was tired of watching everyone feeling each other up.

Evita: Gorgeous little Mexican mama with three kids and the greatest accent ever.

Bananarama: One of the funniest, spunkiest people I've ever met. She makes me laugh and calls some of her favorite older male customers her sugar daddies.

Grams: Not grandma age at all, just turned thirty, but her name is what many people call their grandmas. She's awesome.

KKK: Unabashedly racist chick who gets on my nerves.

Cici: A girl I work with all the time, who calls me hooker and lover and generally makes my shifts more enjoyable.

Bzzz: Girl I don't often work with anymore, and who seems to jump between liking me and being bitchy toward me. Whatever.

Lolo: Sidework crazy girl who works at the restaurant only because it has good insurance.

Tena: Someone I talk to outside of work all the time and whose kids look so much like her, I'm convinced she got herself pregnant.

Pimp Daddy: The only male server

Zoey: Another awesome person who I enjoy being around.

STFU: Person who i want to say that to constantly.

There are more people, but they generally won't pop up, if they do, I'll introduce them.

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  1. Hahaha - we had people get written up for grabbing each other too! Works not nearly as much fun since the most outrageously grabby people quit/got fired. Not from a sexual viewpoint, but just from a crazy-break-up-the-monotony viewpoint!